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INSIGHT: the power of listening
Jane Malbon, owner of JKM Research, has been conducting public opinion research for corporate, nonprofit, governmental and political interests for over 25 years. The company specializes in qualitative research, employing indepth focus group discussion and other techniques to thoroughly explore and assess attitudes, motivations and behaviors regarding products, services, issues and candidates.

Areas of expertise: public affairs; employee, stakeholder & community relations; branding; sales & marketing; customer satisfaction; new business & product development; political issues including transportation, education, healthcare, economic development & environmental concerns.

Malbon has conducted the qualitative research for many successful efforts, including:

- Seahawks stadium campaign
- Mariners stadium campaign
- Proposition creating light rail in Puget Sound
- Boeing-McDonnell Douglas merger
- AT&T public policy
- Weyerhaeuser public image
- Pickens Plan for alternative energy
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